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Trip Rules

A minimum of a first aid kit, 2kg fire extinguisher (or 2 x 1kg), recovery strap and a spade are to be carried on all trips. It is useful to have a suitably sized block of wood to place under your jack to prevent it sinking in soft ground when changing tyres. If your spare tyre is under your vehicle it may be handy to secure it safely in the back as you often can’t get it from underneath in 4x4 track conditions.

Important note: when making ‘snatch recoveries’ ensure you use a ‘snatch strap’ with some stretch and not a ‘tow strap’ with no stretch and use suitable rated recovery points! Never recover using a tow ball, remove it and attach strap with a rated shackle, (Shackle to be 3.2 tonne or better, recovery hook to be fastened with 2x 12mm bolts, grade 8.8 or imperial equivalent).

Please note that the grade shown for a track may vary and be slightly easier or harder than description, due to changes in weather and track conditions since last visited. To avoid disappointment on the day, it is advised that you talk with the trip leader beforehand to get the latest track update and discuss your vehicle and capabilities

A reminder of the rules which apply to all of our trips and off-road events

  • Be safe at all times! Look out for the safety of others and speak up if you think someone might be at risk of harm.

  • Drivers are responsible for their vehicle and all occupants at all times - you are responsible for your vehicle, the safety of the occupants and their conduct.

  • Bystanders must keep themselves at a safe distance from any moving vehicle. When driving near any bystanders, drivers must exercise the utmost care, and only proceed once the path has been checked to be clear.

  • Children must remain within active supervision of their care-giver. (Another adult must accept to temporarily supervise children before a care-giver can divert their attention elsewhere).

  • Children under 16 must always wear Hi-Vis when out of the vehicle. (It is recommended that everyone 16 and over also wear Hi-Vis)

  • No alcohol to be consumed by the driver or any vehicle occupants at any time during the trip. (On multi-day trips when all vehicle use has finished, responsible alcohol consumption is acceptable).

  • No firearms shall be carried or used on club trips.

  • Seat belts must be worn at all times while driving. Children must also have approved car seats. (The exception is when undertaking deep and fast flowing water crossings, which should be approached with the utmost care).

  • Follow all instructions given to you by the trip leader or group leader.


  • Always keep the vehicle behind you in sight. Especially check that they have cleared any obstacles successfully, and have made the correct turn at any intersections.

  • Keep a safe following distance. At any obstacle, wait for the vehicle in front to clear the obstacle first.


  • Always use the safest recovery method available, and use the relevant safety procedures for that method.

  • Have one experienced person to be in control of a recovery, and to ensure the safety of everyone involved. This includes making sure any spectators remain at a safe distance.

  • Never join snatch straps or towropes with a shackle.

  • Never recover using a tow ball (they are not rated for that use). Doing either would pose a serious risk to everyone nearby.

  • When anchoring to a tree use an appropriate strap, not a chain, rope or cable.

Responsible 4wding

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