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Although the information on this web site has been prepared with care and in good faith, this site is an information service only, and no guarantee is given that the information is complete, accurate or up to date, or that it can be relied upon for any particular purpose.

The Auckland Four Wheel Drive Club Incorporated does not accept any responsibility for inaccuracies or omissions in relation to this web site.

All material is for information and entertainment purposes only. Please contact for permission to reproduce or distribute any material or data on this web site.

The use of information contained in this site is at your sole risk and the Auckland Four Wheel Drive Club Incorporated make no representations as to the accuracy of information on this site.

Mention of products, services, people, acts or vehicles or pictures of extreme driving techniques does not imply endorsement by the Auckland Four Wheel Drive Club Incorporated, its members, officers, agents, representatives, committees or webmaster.

Information on this site is subject to change without notice.

Copyright Information : This work is copyright.

Permission is given for fair dealing with this material as permitted under copyright legislation, including for the purposes of private study and research. Apart from those uses, no part may be reproduced without prior written permission from the Auckland Four Wheel Drive Club Incorporated.

Requests and inquiries concerning reproduction rights should be directed to the Webmaster at

Privacy Policy

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