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Third Party Insurance

Auckland 4WD Club maintain a unique insurance policy that provides Third Party insurance cover on vehicles when used off road, or as stated in the policy “not on main roads”. Third Party cover does not insure your property, only the property of others. 

A feature is that it is the driver who is insured, so if you’ve more than one toy then you’re covered. Those vehicles do not need to be road legal but must be in a ‘safe’ condition... steering and brakes for a start! There is no cover unless you are taking part in a 4WD Club organised activity but not necessarily the Auckland 4WD Club. 

The cost per driver is $93.44 per year for 2023 and is due before the end of January. 

All the club needs is your payment and your name to go on the policy. It runs December to December. There has been a new cost added of $20+gst for each new person added during the year, so the club will aim to do just one annual ‘bulk’ purchase of cover in January. 

Auckland Four Wheel Drive Club Inc. 

Remember to put your name as a reference 

As with any insurance there are some conditions. (A point to note about the policy document is that when it refers to ‘member to member’ it is not talking of club members, but is referring to members of the insurance policy.) 

See the policy document below:

Policy Document

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