Woodhill Safety Patrol Weekend - June 26th and 27th 2021

Updated: Jul 2

Saturday Members

  • Andy Frost

  • Kyle Larsen

  • Gary Buchanan

  • Stephan John

  • Bruce Yu

Sunday Members

  • Rob Giboney

  • Paul Brinkman

  • Andy Frost

  • Stephen Wilson

  • Jarrod White

  • Paul Waddell

  • Margaret Jackson

We had a great time at Woodhill over the weekend, and here are some photos of the trucks in the forest. Many thanks to everyone who attended and helped out.

Saturday started out with a major track clearance, and everyone got stuck in with spades to clear track 8 that had washed out during the previous week. Even though there were 74 trucks in the forest we had a pretty quiet day as far as recoveries went, with most people being in groups, in very capable trucks, or they just sorted themselves out before they needed help.

After a lot of rain on Saturday night the conditions were much more slippery and wet, and quite boggy in parts. We got to check out a few of the new trails that Roger has put in around where the old exit track used to be. Another good day, with a few recoveries, but nothing too extreme. In fact the hardest part for some of us was getting ourselves back to the lookout at the end of the day!

See you for the next one in September, I'm hoping I might have my Jeep ready for that one, or is that just wishful thinking!




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