That Magic Pouto

Report by Alex West-Hill

Date –Saturday 15th May 2021

Location – Pouto Point, Dargaville

Start Time – 10am

Travelling time to track from clubrooms – 3 hrs

5 Club Vehicles –

  • Paul Gibbons – Terrano,

  • Paul Brinkman – Moo,

  • Richard MacAvoy - 4runner (Surf),

  • Stephan & Nicki John - Wrangler,

  • Alex West-Hill – 80 Series Landcruiser

Weather – Sunny and warm.

Track Grade - Grade 2 (a bit scratchy through the tea tree tracks)

Track Condition – Both soft and hard sand. The beach driving was mostly quite soft giving the vehicles a good workout. Whereas, the dunes were relatively hard, not presenting too many problems. We all hit a very soft patch of quicksand near the Pouto Point township, but luckily with a lot of right foot, no vehicles ended up stuck.

Hard Luck – None, a close call for the Land Cruiser which was on a bad lean through a narrow piece of the track and dropped a wheel off the side.

Best thing – The great weather and watching everyone tackle the very steep descent from the light house dune system down to sea level.

Camping – Yes. Paul G and Paul B camped overnight at the Pouto Point campground.

Conclusion – Epic day with a bunch of great people. Look forward to doing it all again.

Extra bit for Sunday 16th May 2021 by Paul Brinkman

Paul Giddens and I camped overnight at the lovely small Pouto Point campground costing only $10 each. We hit the beach around 8.45am the next morning to make sure we had enough time to get around the rocks located below the light house. Once past the rocks we were free to explore the dunes and inland plains. Great views constantly surrounded us as we pushed a path north up, over and around monster dunes. We headed back to the beach at 11am exiting at the Te Marie Beach Rd exit for around 12pm. What a wonderful place.


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