• Peter Vahry

Planting Te Rau Puriri

Another successful planting effort at Te Rau Puriri on May 16 with good numbers of four wheelers from Land Rover Owners (Auckland), Auckland 4WD and Wilderness Ridge Riders. Te Rau Puriri is a regional park located near the top of South Kaipara Head.

This year there were also quite a few members of the local LandCare group assisting with the planting.

It was another year where the main challenge was the deep mat of dead Kikuyu grass that almost defied attempts to dig holes for the new plants! However, most of the allocated area was eventually planted by the time the lunch barbecue manned by the Council rangers was ready.

There had been overnight rain but with drying conditions over the morning, the suggestion by the park manager that a drive around part of the park could be organised, was willingly accepted by many of the club’s members.

A slightly different route to previous drives identified why the ground had needed to dry a bit. A hill ascent involved a few attempts for several drivers, but all eventually got up. We were able to view several of the older plantings and their success, especially around a wetland area.

Thank you to those who helped again with the planting.

Peter Vahry


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