May 2021

Hi All,

What has happened since the last Twin Diffs? I have been to lots of Muriwai Beach meetings trying to help the Council solve the problem of the few wrecking it for the many. With up to 1600 vehicles in one day entering onto the beach, and 36,000 vehicles over a six month period, you can see it’s not an easy fix. We just need to do our bit by staying off the dunes and driving safely. Fingers crossed that better enforcement and educating beach drivers of the rules and correct beach etiquette, will help in the short term.

Trip wise we had a fantastic trip to Maratoto. Those that joined me on the trip can definitely say that Maratoto is no longer a Shiny Grade 2 track anymore. Check out the trip report and photos.

On the way up at Maratoto

Also, Scott, Alan and Daryl gave the Stadia / Golden Belt tracks another cut back. Thank you for the hard work. Hopefully I will enjoy your efforts soon.

I look forward to seeing you at the club meeting if you can make it. Andy Webb is going to show us how to use Gaia Maps properly.

Happy Four Wheeling

Paul Brinkman


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