Maratoto Track Trip

Date –Sunday 25th April 2021

Location – Hikutaia, Waikato, Bottom of the Coromandel Peninsula

Start Time - 9am

Finish Time – 6pm!

Travelling time to track from clubrooms – 1.5hrs

10 Club Vehicles

  • Paul Gibbons – Terrano,

  • Andy Frost – Safari,

  • Andy Webb - Mu,

  • Peter Stopforth - Cruiser,

  • Stephan John - Jeep,

  • Dale Carline – Bighorn,

  • Trevor Huges – Jimney,

  • Cameron Payne – Prado,

  • Stephen Wilson - Jeep,

  • Paul Brinkman – Moo 2

Visitor vehicles

  • Jeremy Barrow – Jeep,

  • Daniel Muir - Surf

Weather – Good. Quite a lot of recent rain.

Track Grade - Should have been Grade 2. Due to heavy use and rain track is now a Grade 3. If you want to get back from the end of the track winches required for vehicles on mud tyres. Dry months should be fine.

Track Condition – First half rocky and over grown. Second half muddy and slippery. Some big ruts and rocks to negotiate.

Hard Luck – As far as I am aware only one busted Moo tail light.

Best thing – What I thought was going to be an easy trip turned out to be technical. Everything was used – snatch ropes, winch extensions, pulley blocks, and lots of spades. Thank you, Peter Stopforth and your awesome truck.

Worst Thing – Worrying about possible damage to the nice trucks in the group. Thank goodness some of the drivers made a good choice and didn’t try to make it to the end. Those that did took us 4 hours to do 2 kms!

Camping – None. No toilets at the so-called end of the track campground.

Nice surprise – How much the track had changed in 12 months. Now rougher than the easy side of Thompsons.

Conclusion – Great trip, great group, great time. Let’s do it again when the track reopens.


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