Four wheel driving is classed as a sport, as well as a recreational activity. Gaining land access to enjoy this form of activity is becoming one of the major issues of any four wheel drive owner who wishes to pursue this in their past time. By belonging to a club and providing your support we have a greater voice in achieving greater land access.

In the club environment there is available to you, knowledge from more experienced drivers, technical know how on modifying four wheel drives and mutual support. You are able to learn at your own pace how to drive your four-wheel drive in a safe and responsible manner.

By traveling in numbers with the club, you are able to visit areas that would otherwise be impossible on your own. Safety is maintained as the group shares any problems.

The Auckland 4WD Club is a member of the New Zealand Four Wheel Drive Association, which is a National Body. The Association also works on your behalf with regard to land access, lobbying government departments and promoting four wheel driving as a recreation and a sport nationwide.

There are many more reasons why you should join the Auckland Four Wheel Drive Club but it is probably best that you find these out for your self. Visitors are welcome on club trips before they join to give them time to realise the advantages.

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