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The Latest Happening's within the Auckland 4wd Club and in Four Wheel Driving worldwide.

Have your say on the future of public access to the outdoors
The Walking Access Act is under review. Have your say to see more consideration for four wheel drive access. ...more >
2019 Polaris 4x4 Adventure Park Club Run Roster
A calendar showing the dates that the Auckland 4WD Club are rostered on a free club run at Woodhill ...more >
4X4 Explorer, website for track information on South Island routes
For those planning South Island trips, here is a good resource that tells you all you need to know. ...more >
Maratoto closed indefinitely
NZFWDA informed that Maratoto has been closed by DOC due to Kauri die back ...more >
2018 Polaris 4x4 Adventure Park Club Run Roster
A calendar showing the dates that the Auckland 4WD Club are rostered on a free club run at Woodhill ...more >
2017 Polaris 4x4 Adventure Park Club Run Roster
A calendar showing the dates that the Auckland 4WD Club are rostered on a free club run at Woodhill ...more >
Maratoto is open for the Summer
The track is open, but there are some requirements to adhere to due to the risk of Kauri dieback which could cause the track to be closed for good ...more >
Health and safety responsibilities of farmers to recreational visitors
Some good info from Walking Access regarding the responsibilities of farmers ...more >
Twin Diffs March 2015
A great trip report from Paul on his South Island adventure ...more >
Twin Diffs January & February 2015
Eileen's report on the Kauri Coast safari, and a teaser on our Ahipara trip ...more >
Polaris 4WD Park, Free club run roster 2016
A calendar showing the dates that the Auckland 4WD Club are rostered on a free club run at Woodhill ...more >
Maratoto track re-opened, but with conditions
Vehicles and equipment must be thoroughly cleaned beforehand, to prevent spread of Kauri Dieback ...more >
Twin Diffs December 2015
Christmas trip report, with many many photos ...more >
Twin Diffs November 2015
Sadly no trip reports, but photo evidence of trips, and of Gary's carnage this month ...more >
Twin Diffs October 2015
Cleaning up at Muriwai Beach with Auckland Council ...more >
Twin Diffs September 2015
Challenges at the Costa Plenty teams event, and a weekend away to Pouto ...more >
Permit needed for Muriwai and Karioitahi
Auckland council is requiring a permit be obtained for driving on beaches ...more >
Twin Diffs August 2015
A Minginui teaser, a Woodhill free club run, and a Waiuku trip where some got to hone their winch recovery skills. ...more >
Twin Diffs July 2015
Waiuku reccy action, and a night run and club trip both run in the Polaris 4wd Park at Woodhill ...more >
Polaris 4WD Park, Free club run roster
A calendar showing the dates that the Auckland 4WD Club are rostered on a free club run at Woodhill ...more >
Twin Diffs June 2015
The first trip to Woodhill this year, and Eddie's operator error and how it rearranged his bull bar! ...more >
Twin Diffs May 2015
First issue from our new editor, includes this years trophy recipients, and trip reports on Te Rau Puriri and a farm reccy ...more >
Twin Diffs April 2015
Calvin's winch challenge weekend as an official, and Fiona's finished Jeep ...more >
Twin Diffs March 2015
Zone meeting report, upcoming trip info and some surprising info on GDI diesel emissions! ...more >
Auckland Transport - Management of Unformed legal Roads
Auckland Transport have released a document outlining their principles in regards to unformed legal roads (ULR). ...more >
Twin Diffs February 2015
Dean's fun at Pouto, Motu Safari, and Andy gets axed! ...more >
Twin Diffs December 2014
More from the Waikato Weekend, a 42nd Traverse cut back, and and update on ULRs ...more >
Twin Diffs November 2014
Waikato weekend, Manukau winch challenge, and an a-framing legal drama ...more >
LED lighting interference
Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) works with logging industry to solve LED lighting interference. A potential problem for 4x4 night events? ...more >
Conservation Management Strategies completed for Northland, Auckland and Waikato
These are 10 year plans for each conservancy ...more >
Nor West News reports on Muriwai clean up
...more >
Twin Diffs October 2014
Help Jeremyyyyyyyyy and beach day clean up ...more >
Twin Diffs September 2014
Short sharp and sweet this month ! ...more >
Twin Diffs August 2014
This months mag. Possum palace, Aussie outback trip. ...more >
Twin Diffs July 2014
Playing in the sand. ...more >
Wasps and effect on recreation
A short survey about the impact of wasps on your recreation. It closes on 30 June. ...more >
Twin Diffs June 2014
2013/14 Trials ...more >
Twin Diffs May 2014
Hokianga fundraiser 2014, AGM results ...more >
Twin Diffs, April 2014
AGM, come and vote in your new committee ...more >
Waitawheta /Taieri Road track closure
The track is closed as of now. ...more >
Twin Diffs, March 2014
Don't forget AGM in April ! Lots of stories and Photo's ...more >
Twin Diffs, February 2014
What did Serge break? Sarah's Birthday trip..... ...more >
Twin Diffs, January 2014
First mag for 2014. ...more >
Woodhill 4WD Park Safety Patrol Roster 2014
A calendar showing the dates that the Auckland 4WD Club are helping with the park patrol ...more >
LVVTA newsletter
The 2013 October / December LVVTA newsletter outlining 4x4 'lifting' issues ...more >
Know your knots
A reference for knot tying ...more >
Twin Diffs, December 2013
The Stopforth's out and about ! Part one. ...more >
Twin Diffs, November 2013
Manukau Winch Challenge 2013, Maratoto, Book offer ...more >
Twin Diffs, October 2013
This months club mag, Molesworth, studs and beaches ! ...more >
Conservation Management Strategy 2014-2024 revised drafts
Northland, Auckland and Waikato drafts updated ...more >
Twin Diffs, September 2013
Two trips in one? Gone around the loop in Stadia and extreme surgery. Check out this months Club mag. ...more >
Third Party Insurance for Off-Road Driving
It covers you for Third Party accidents while Off Road. If you accidentally hit another member on the trip it will cover you for the repairs to their vehicle. ...more >
42nd Traverse trimming 2013
The date of 23 November has been set with the Department of Conservation for a cut back of the vegetation along the southern end of the 42nd Traverse in the Tongariro Forest. ...more >
Rodney Times article about Higham Rd
Will Auckland Transport back the Higham's or the public? ...more >
Twin Diffs, August 2013
What has Andre got upto this month. Who's that on the front cover? ...more >
DOC CMS Submissions
Our club submissions on the proposed CMS (Conservation management strategy) documents ...more >
Twin Diffs, July 2013
Thompsons Track report, Help wanted ! ...more >
Twin Diffs, June 2013
Kiwi Team Challenge, New members stuck on patrol. ...more >
Twin Diffs, May 2013
Guess which club members have new rigs ! Trip reports and AGM results. ...more >
Twin Diffs, April 2013
Articles from Kauri Coast, Thompsons Track and also the 2013 Gymkhana results ! ...more >
Twin Diffs, March 2013
Trip report on the National Park Fundraiser, AGM info ...more >
Twin Diffs, February 2013
Trip reports on the 42nd Traverse, Neavesville, and a National Park Recce. ...more >
DoC release draft CMS's for Auckland, Northland and Waikato
Submission time is open until 15 March 2013 ...more >
Chainsaw safety
A helpful supplier of chainsaw 'chaps' in Auckland ...more >
Camping bans around Kaipara Harbour
Camping to be outlawed around bombing range ...more >
Northland Kauri Coast Four Wheel Drive Safari 2013
Bi-annual Northland Safari ...more >
Higham Rd decision by Auckland Council
Buildings to be removed ...more >
Newspaper article about 'paper roads'
During Dec 2011 a local newspaper the 'Aucklander' ran a useful article about access. ...more >
Auckland Regional Council
Check out here to see how the council are trying to stop us enjoying the land we own ...more >
The foreshore and seabed debate.
Help STOP the Bill _ email National MP's ...more >
Walking Access Commision Updates
Commision Appoints Regional Field Advisors updated 21.9.2010 ...more >
Proposed closure of Highams Rd... refused by Court
Highams continue to defy the law. ...more >
Australian 4WD Links
Updated 28 April 2012 ...more >
YouTube Videos by Auckland 4WD Club members
Updated 6 July 2011 ...more >
4x4 Offroad Adventure Club of South Africa
Invitation for club members to join a 4WD trip while in South Africa. ...more >
Barley 4WD Insurance
Comprehensive 4WD cover which is specifically designed for 4WD owners who want to drive off-road and participate in club events knowing that their vehicle is covered. ...more >
Trip rules
A reminder of the rules which apply to all of our trips and off-road events ...more >
Vehicle requirements
The standard requirements for all vehicles that attend our trips and off-road events ...more >
Safety in the Bush
Important information about YOUR Safety, NZ's Weather, First Aid and the Search and Rescue Services. Updated 4 March 2009. ...more >
Auckland 4WD Club Information
Information and downloads about the Auckland 4WD Club. Updated 6 June 2011 ...more >
4WD Associations
4WD Associations and 4WD Special Interest Groups whom are fighting for continued 4WD access to legal public roads and DoC land throughout New Zealand. All well worth your support! ...more >
NZ Transport Agency (NZTA)
Information about the regulations for the use and modifications of 4WD's ...more >
Dept of Conservation (DoC)
Important DoC Information for 4WD Enthusiasts ...more >
4x4 Vehicle Information
Online links to Web-sites for all 4x4 Manufacturers. Updated 18.04.09 ...more >
NZ 4WD Parts Suppliers Online
New Zealand links to automotive parts & equipment suppliers. Updated 17 October 2010 ...more >
Tread Lightly
Leaving a Good Impression The Tread Lightly! Way ...more >
NZ 4WD Clubs Web Links
Web site links to NZ 4wd Clubs, Forums, 4wd Tours, Parks & GPS information. Updated 28.3.2012. ...more >

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