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Contact details
How to get in touch with us

Common enquiries - try these first...

Do you want to become a member, or have a question about membership?

Read through our How to join first, and if you have any further questions, get in-touch with our membership officer - membership@auckland4wd.org.nz

Do you want to come on a trip?

Keep an eye on the What's on for a trip that interests you - that is the first place trips are listed and the most up to date calendar of upcoming events. Contact the trip leader to discuss any queries, but make sure you read any trip info provided first.

If there are no trip leader details published yet, check back soon - we are probably trying to coerce a victim to run the trip, and their details will be posted soon.

Do you want to come to a club meeting?

Everyone is welcome at our monthly club meeting nights, so just show up.

Have you applied to join, but not heard back?

Have you been on a trip as a visitor since you applied? If so, let our membership officer know - membership@auckland4wd.org.nz.

The club committee reviews every application. Our committee meetings normally happen near the beginning of every month, so if you have been on a trip and haven't heard back, it could be because we haven't had a chance to look at your application yet. If a month has passed, then get in touch - membership@auckland4wd.org.nz

Are you sharing something that you think might be of interest to our members?

If so, get in touch with our editor - editor@auckland4wd.org.nz. We can't promise that we will send it to all our members, but if we think it's something of value, then we can include it in our monthly newsletter.

Are you looking for parts for your vehicle?

Sorry, we don't sell parts and we don't keep a directory of those who do. The best we can suggest, is to check out our supporters, and see if one of them might be able to sell you the part, or point you in the right direction.

Other enquiries

If none of the above FAQ help you, send your enquiry to secretary@auckland4wd.org.nz

Club officers

Paul Brinkman
Phone: 027 222 6960
Email: president@auckland4wd.org.nz

Andy Webb
Phone: 021 552 506
Email: secretary@auckland4wd.org.nz

Mike Trotter
Phone: 027 480 8917
Email: treasurer@auckland4wd.org.nz

Vice President
Ed Belt
Email: vp@auckland4wd.org.nz
Membership officer
Paul Giddens
Email: membership@auckland4wd.org.nz
Newsletter editor
Peter Vahry
Phone: 027 431 0923
Email: twindiffs@auckland4wd.org.nz


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