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This is a list of any current and older issues affecting 4 Wheel Drive access to council controled land.

ARC attack on Muriwai Beach use
The pressure comes on!
June 2008

The meeting of the ARC Parks and Heritage Committee on 4 June was interesting to observe and although I was granted a right to speak, I was unaware that a Forest & Bird representative was given permission to follow with their views. They quoted from this website too.
The F&B attitude is to demand an immediate ban of vehicle use of Muriwai. This was agreed in principle by several Councilors but they obviously want to be re-elected and suggested that a full ban would be unpopular. The ARC have been doing a lot of lobbying and organising with other local authorities and government bodies to find ways to make life difficult for those who want to drive along Muriwai.
With the  apparent fear of a backlash from the public, it was agreed by the Council to investigate an opinion poll to survey the public about vehicle use on beaches.
A committee was created to further consider the issues of vehicles.

Peter Vahry


Motorised recreation demands to be addressed

4 June 2008

The ARC has approved funding to develop a motorised recreation strategy for the Auckland region.

The strategy will look at issues that relate to motorised sport and enable the ARC to work in partnership with the regional community to identify the demands, existing provision and conflicts that this issue raises.

Deputy Chair of the ARC Parks and Heritage Committee Councillor Christine Rose says that one of the most important considerations to be made as part of this process is the effect that motorised recreation is having on our environment.

“This is a great opportunity to work with motorsport enthusiasts to try to address their needs and hopefully relieve pressure on our fragile dune ecosystems,” says Cr Rose.

At its June meeting the Parks and Heritage Committee allocated $65,000 to fund the development of the strategy. 


An excerpt from an Auckland Regional Council (ARC) report in regard to vehicle use of beaches to be presented on 4 June 08 to an ARC meeting. The slanted viewpoint is unfortunate and defines the type of approach of the present mentality within the ARC. In the full report there is a note that the process is to be managed by the deputy chair of Parks and Heritage... Cr Christine Rose, a Rodney District representative with a clear agenda. In a late development, the ARC have granted speaking rights at that meeting to Peter Vahry.  Muriwai is the first item on the agenda at 9.30am on 4 June.

The 30 March meeting at Muriwai was well attended by Muriwai residents but they expressed a desire to have continued vehicle access to the beach... it was why many lived there! This was obviously not what the ARC people wanted to hear...

"The public meeting was convened by the ARC in collaboration with RDC and the local police on Sunday 30 March at the Waimauku School. Cr Rose and Cr Coney attended the meeting. The aim of this meeting was three fold:

• to acknowledge the concern in the community about recent events and the implications for Muriwai Beach and Te Oneone Rangatira,

• to provide an opportunity for the community to indicate what people locally and in the region want for these beaches, and how to manage any potential conflicts,

• to enable the agencies involved in managing this area to provide information about who has responsibility for what.

Approximately 100 people attended this meeting. Based on the contribution received at the meeting, it appeared as if the largest proportion of meeting attendees were representing the rights of motorised vehicle users. Little or no contribution was made from those interested in horse riding, pedestrian access or environmental preservation and restoration. None-the-less, it proved a successful opportunity to communicate the rules around beach vehicle use, and to clarify current ownership and governance arrangements. Learnings from the meeting were that:

• The ability to drive and ride on the beach is very important to many people.• People are open to considering ways to improve the management of vehicles on beaches, such as enforcement of existing rules, introduction of a new speed limit, altering access points and better signs.• Many people are unclear about where road rules are applicable and are concerned about the consequences if these road rules were to be enforced.

• People feel that there are few accessible facilities available in the Auckland region for off-road motorised recreation."

A full copy of the report is available below.

To rub salt into the situation, the Auckland area 4WD clubs have a date set for 15 June to conduct a clean-up of the full stretch of beach. This may however provide a chance to demonstrate to the public that there is value to vehicle access onto beaches. The start time is 11.00am on Coast Rd at Muriwai and will finish by 3.00pm with a barbecue.

Muriwai REoprt June 2008.doc

Rodney District Council impose a Muriwai speed limit.
A new Bylaw is in place

Rodney District Council have introduced a Bylaw for a 60Km/hr limit for the greater beach and 30km/hr for the first 650 metres from the Coast Road entry to the beach.

There will be  increased Police presence during the first few months.

Rodney District Council General Bylaw 1998

Chapter 18 – Road Speed LimitsMuriwai – Te Oneone Rangatira Beaches

The Council at its meeting on 6 November 2008 confirmed an amendment to Chapter 18 Road Speed Limits Bylaw setting speed limits in the intertidal area of Muriwai- Te Oneone Rangatira Beaches, South Kaipara Pensinsula.

30kph: in the intertidal area of the beach from southern boundary of Motutara Road to 650 metres north of the Coast Road Access and;

60kph: northwards thereafter in the intertidal area of the beach to the southern boundary of the NZ Defence Force Bombing Range Designated Area.

These beach road speed limits become operative on 1 December 2008 and will be signposted and enforced by the NZ Police.

Enquiries on this matter should be addressed to Gavin Flynn, on 0800 426 5169.

Authorised by:
Chief Executive Rodney District Council
Private Bag 500, Orewa 0946
Telephone 0800 426 5169
Fax 09 426 7280

Website: www.rodney.govt.nz

Rodney DC Muriwai Speed Limit Letter 508.doc

Auckland region future for 4x4?
Comment is invited on a new discussion paper

In conjunction with the Auckland Regional Council, ARPASS has developed a discussion paper on motorised off-road recreation in the region. The paper brings together research from many sources including private off road facility operators, DoC, the councils, off roading clubs and also includes an online survey of 810 users.

Tell them what you think of what they have done so far. They are keen to hear from 4WDers from across the Auckland region

Please refer to the attached pamphlet for information on the discussion paper.

The link below goes the ARC link to download the discussion paper.

Just to let you know that the deadline for the off road recreationARPASS discussion paper feedback survey has been extended to the 30thJanuary 2009. If you have provided feedback, thank you for your contribution. If not, the document can be found online at either http://www.arc.govt.nz/ orhttp://www.arpass.org.nz/ .Complete the hard copy feedback form, or visithttp://vsl.ormrsubmission.sgizmo.com/ to access the online questionnaire.

More Information at: www.arc.govt.nz/albany/index.cfm?E0A9B777-145E-173C-9853-67D3E9CA1424 

ARC view of our recreation!
Off Road Motorised Recreation in the Auckland Region: Impacts Paper

Following the closure of the comments period on this Impacts Paper and a fairly blunt reaction from some, the following email was received...

Thank you for your letter regarding the off road motorised recreation impacts paper. All of the comments made have been noted and will be included in our feedback to the ARC regarding the ORMR impacts paper. In addition I will also ensure that a copy of your letter is given directly to the Councillors involved.

In particular, I note your point made regarding the input from New Zealand Four Wheel Drive Association to the document. While some of the information regarding the demand for off road recreation is based our initial discussions, demand survey and discussions with other off road users, the document is not intended to represent the views of, or be endorsed by the off road sector, NZFWDA or any of the clubs. I will ensure that from this point forward any reference to the NZFWDA and other clubs is removed from this paper and that your comments and concerns are provided to the ARC in full and recognised in any feedback report regarding the impacts paper.

In way of background, the project was originally conceived by the ARC as a single study to cover demand and impacts of ORMR, however it was decided by the ARC, mid way through the process, to develop separate papers that consider the demand, the impacts and include a public perception telephone survey of a random sample of 500 Auckland residents. The primary reason for this was to acknowledge that the off road users and the environmental groups, as I am sure you will appreciate, have very different views on the activity. There is little agreement on any of the issues considered both from a demand perspective as well as the potential impacts. As a result both documents were based on the initial research period when the opinions of the off road sector were sought; this was at the stage when the intention was for a single study. For information we have received very similar comments regarding the biased nature of the demand paper from environmental groups.

The end point of the study will be the following three documents:

·       A summary report on the issues and potential responses associated with off road motorised recreation in the Auckland region (which will cover where people go riding/driving, the level of demand, the issues with current provision and an analysis of what could be done to address these issues);

·       A summary report on the impacts of off road motorised recreation Auckland region; and

·       A summary report on the public’s perception of off road motorised recreation.

Each study will include all the feedback received and will be used by the ARC to inform their future position. The ARC have indicated that a copy of all three reports will be made available to the public. 

Kind regards

Richard Hutchinson
Senior Consultant

A new document  released for comment by the Auckland Regional Council that they refer to as the 'Impacts Paper'.

It certainly identifies a wide collection of "impacts'"  that they attribute to vehicle recreation... there is no attempt to recognise that most, if not all, the "impacts" can also result from almost every other human activity. It appears that 'walkers'  don't crush vegetation, compact soils, annoy other people, or have any impact on this world!

This document really does push the boundaries and deserves strong reaction from all vehicle based recreations

You can submit your comments by

  • visiting http://vsl.ormrimpacts.sgizmo.com/to access the online questionnaire.
  • using the feedback form is at the end of the discussion paper and sending your feedback to us at:

Off Road Motorised Recreation Study
Visitor Solutions
P.O. Box 14-245
Auckland 1741

Submissions close at 5.00pm on the 6th March 2009.

More Information at: http://www.arc.govt.nz/albany/fms/main/Documents/Environment/Coastal%20and%20marine/Off%20Road%20Motorised%20Recreation%20in%20the%20Auckland%20Region%20Impacts%20Report%20-%20January%202009.pdf 

 Off Road Mototised Recreation in the Auckland Region

March 2009

This survey was not originally advised to the clubs participating in the surveys held by the contractors to the Auckland Regional Council. Judge for yourself the 'fairness' of the questions posed. An interesting statistic is that less males than females were interviewed about an activity that would have participation by more males than females.

The full report can be dowloaded as a pdf

ARC approved Vehicles on Beaches policy

At a meeting on 4 June a policy was agreed.

Click here for the meeting minutes 

ARC move to find space for OHV to get vehicles off beaches
A clear move towards closing beaches like Muriwai.

The minutes from the August ARC Parks and Heritage Committee meeting where the off road motorized recreation study report was presented. 


The relevant part of those minutes is...

B.4 OFF ROAD MOTORISED RECREATION STUDYPO14-02-11Committee Secretary: 5 August 2009

Ms Jane Aickin gave a powerpoint presentation and answered questions from themembers.


a)      That the report be received.

b)   That the Committee endorse that the Auckland Regional Council’s future role in managing the demand for
       off road motorised recreation will be:
          i.     To work with stakeholders to achieve the acquisition of a large dedicated off road site(s) or a network
                  of smaller off road sites including considering the acquisition of such a site by the Auckland Regional Council.
          ii.     Providing, together with territorial authorities, greater support to off road motorised recreation clubs in
                  developing and managing their own sites through providing free advice on the regulatory framework and
                  the appropriateness of sites and developing a contestable fund to cover the costs associated with any
                  required Auckland Regional Council resourceconsents.
          iii.    Developing a policy and rule framework restricting unnecessary use of vehicles on beaches to maintain
                  environmental quality and public safety.
          iv.     Recommending that during the development of a single regional plan, the Auckland Council consider
                   the ways in which it could secure the long-term future of existing sites through zoning.
          v.     Making available the findings of the study to territorial authorities, particularly Rodney District Council,
                  Manukau City Council and Franklin District Council (and subsequently the Auckland Council), to
                  highlight the need for new off road motorised recreation sites in the region and the advantages of
                  increasing the use of existing sites through re evaluating the resource consent conditions for
                  these sites.
           vi.    Developing web-based information on the legal off road motorized recreation sites in the region.
          vii.    Supporting Motorcycling New Zealand’s recreational riding commissioner.
         viii.    Achieving the goal of eliminating unnecessary, damaging and dangerous use of vehicles on beaches
                   and the approaches that may be used to achieve this.
          ix.     Continuing to build understanding for the rationale behind the goal including, for example,
                   the environmental impacts on the West Coast Toheroa beds.
          x.      Consulting tangata whenua to ensure their customary interests are  protected.

c) That the Committee strongly recommends to the incoming Auckland Council that it continues the programme outlined in b).

d) That the Committee recommends that the Auckland Regional Council strengthens the policy framework in the Regional Parks Management Plan to restrict unnecessary, dangerous or damaging use of vehicles on any foreshore adjoining a regional park through: where feasible and practicable, blocking off illegal access points; declining discretionary applications that request access through regional parks to access the foreshore for purposes that would either result in or encourage illegal, unnecessary or damaging use of vehicles on the foreshore; where feasible and practicable, providing or facilitating alternative parking areas to reduce the need to park on the foreshore;  working with partner agencies such as the relevant territorial authority, the New Zealand Police, the Department of Conservation and central government; educating and informing the public; and advocating a consistent approach to vehicle use on the foreshore adjoining a regional park.

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