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Conservation Management Strategy 2014-2024 revised drafts
Northland, Auckland and Waikato drafts updated

The Department has prepared its responses to submissions received on the Draft Northland CMS and these have been forwarded to the Northland Conservation Board for their consideration.  Some of the Department’s responses have resulted in changes which have been incorporated into a Revised Draft Northland CMS.

The Department has completed its analysis of submissions and revised the Auckland Draft CMS. You are invited to inspect these responses and the Revised Draft CMS on our website at http://www.doc.govt.nz/aucklandcms

View the Revised Draft Waikato Conservation Management Strategy

Please note that the Revised Draft Waikato CMS is not finalised. The revised Draft Waikato CMS may be changed by the Waikato Conservation Board and the New Zealand Conservation Authority in the next steps of the Waikato CMS review process.

These download files are up to 9 mb, with the maps additional to that.

The  Conservation Boards  and the NZ Conservation Authority now have a year to consider and revise these  drafts.

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