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Track updates

42nd Traverse

This Track is open during the summer months for 4WD use from 1st December to April 30.

Please respect this track and do not venture off the main track, as this is a DoC requirement to help keep this track open for public use.

The DoC Kiwi breeding team access the nest sites via these sidetracks. You will see vehicle tracks on them but please refrain from using them! This is a Kiwi Breeding area, so NO dogs and please no driving at night when birds are active!    

Please help to keep this track open for 4wd use and do not use over the wet winter months to avoid track damage.

It remains open for mountain bikes, motorbikes & trampers, all year. This does not seem very FAIR for 4WD drivers considering it is the 4WD clubs who are the only user group doing the maintenance & track clearing work with DoC!

Doc Info about the 42nd Traverse

Auckland 4WD organises a trip every year to help to clear the track. Help is always appreciated. This is also a great time to visit the area and meet new people from other clubs throughout the North Island.

Maratoto Track aka Wires Track

Make sure you help to maintain the track and keep it open by donating to this great cause.   

Please don't forget to donate $10 towards the maintenance of this track.

This track is closed over the winter months to help control damage from vehicles and water erosion. This is in accordance with the DoC management plan. Phone 027 5242 132 for a recorded message regarding the status of the track. Check before you travel there.

Please pay $10.00 toward the maintenance of this great track. This includes motor bikes as this user group never helps in the maintance work! There is a yellow box on the corner of Maratoto Rd & the Wires Rd. It's to help pay for the equipment to control water erosion and clear landslips for your continued use. Without this work by a small group of 4WD enthusiasts DoC would close this track for good.

Mud tires and groups of at least two vehicles are recommended for recoveries. Showroom standard 4WD's on road tires should not enter this track as you will get light paintwork scratches and will not be able to drive this track unaided. Sections of this track have now become quite a challenge (difficult). Make sure you have the appropriate recovery equipment.

Do not wash vehicles in the river by Wires Rd; it is a water supply source. 

Note that the track may be closed at any time due to wet weather!

Contact Peter Vahry mailto:pr@auckland4wd.org.nz

The Maratoto Loop Track

This track is not for the faint hearted.Inexperienced and ill-equipped 4WD's should NOT attempt this track. Panel damage is to be expected! The loop track is only suitable for tough/rough trucks as it is an extreme track. A winch is essential!

Muriwai Beach Vehicle Rules and Enforcement

New Rules now apply for all vehicle access onto Muriwai Beach to the northeast of Auckland. The main one is a 60 kph speed limit.

Auckland 4WD Club have obtained a copy of the ARC summary of vehicle use rules for the length of Muriwai Beach. The three pages have been scanned as jpg's and can be downloaded
Muriwai rules page 1
Muriwai rules page 2
Muriwai rules page 3

Stadia Track

There is now a locked wire barrier across the entrance to the Stadia trail to manage access. Please note that the track is on private land and a $25.00 fee is to be paid to the land owners.

Public liability and Rural and Forest Fire insurances are needed too.

Major earthworks to allow access for power pole maintenance improved the lower half of the track a few years back,  4WD access is still avaliable to the hard tracks at the top but getting there is tough with winching required.   

For permission and the access key, contact peter.vahry@xtra.co.nz

Thompsons Track

Update from NZFWDA, 1 May 2014

The track condition.
There is currently 20 slips blocking the track (plus other small ones), ranging in size from 1 truck load of material to 50m sections of track totally buried.
Council estimate around 80 hours of excavator time, plus labour, chainsaws etc to clear the track. This is about $15,000-$20,000K

Council annual budget for keeping this track open is $6,500.00 so as you can see this is going to be well short of the 15 to 20k required.

This is not the only issue, council will need to talk to two land owners along the lower section of the track as the only place where they can dispose of some of the slip material is onto their land, and unfortunately track users have upset these land owners in the past which makes it even harder. The other issues are Waikato Regional Council as a lot of damage has occurred at stream crossings. The discussion etc with these groups will take some time.

Also the slip material is saturated, any attempt to move it now will create an even bigger mess.

Therefore, the engineer’s recommendation to Council is to close the track to all vehicles until next summer. This will give them time to sort out the issues mentioned, get the funding required in place and sort out a plan of attack.

NZFWDA has offered its assistance and we will be discussing what we can do to assist in getting the track open.

This council will also be in discussion also with Western BOP District Council who control the track at the Katikati side.

This closure will be a short term pain for a longer term gain.

We ask all that all vehicles keep away from this track for now. On top of the closure of other tracks in the area this is a major setback, but we will be doing all we can to get as many tracks as possible open again as soon as possible.

Quote from council
“Any attempt by any club or individuals to clear Thompsons Track without council consent will be dealt with accordingly and could potentially face prosecution. “

Tony Burgess
President NZFWDA


Waitawheta Track / Taieri Rd

This track had significant maintenance over 2012/2013.

Update from NZFWDA, 16 April 2014

Unfortunately it has become necessary to close the Waitawheta /Taieri Road track earlier than advertised and the track is closed as of now. This is very unfortunate, especially given that we know clubs have trips into that area planned for this weekend but we are facing legal action due to silt run off into the streams and if we do not close the track now there is a very real possibility the we will lose it forever. This is as a result of complaints from locals. The gates are now locked and won't be opened until we are able to come to a new agreement with council.

we have tried to keep it open for easter but it was not possible. Please respect this as if we can get fore wheelers to respect this it may be possible to get the track opened again. if any one goes in and pulls out the gate there is a very real possibility that we will lose it for ever.

PLEASE PLEASE do not use attempt to use the Waitawheta /Taieri Road track until we can get an agreement with council and DOC to keep it open. Please inform as many people as possible of the situation as we need to get this notice out as quickly as possible.

Tony Burgess


Whangamomona Road

July 2013 update:   

We recently received an update on the current situation at Whangamomona Road from Tim Payne at WRAG (Whangamomona Road Action Group) Inc, who do great work and get satisfaction out of what they are striving to do – they are only a small group and appreciate the support they get from the 4WD community.

It is important to note that this road is high maintenance right throughout the year – blocked water tables, culverts & slips etc. and has a voluntary road closure through the winter (May/June to October), and although they cannot officially close the road, this is well respected by those ‘in the know’.  …unfortunately they often see unwelcome activity from motor bikes & 4WDs which causes ongoing problems – most of these people are not affiliated to any 4WD clubs (although some are!) and it is very much doubted that they contribute to the Whangamomona Road money box, which is placed in a prominent position at the Whangamomona Hotel.

Through this last autumn, as well as the routine maintenance run, repair was needed for a very large washout on the road near the old oil well, to enable the road to stay open – this meant machinery had to be bought in at considerable expense.  …this is an ongoing problem so they are seeking everyone’s co-operation – if the culvert is blocked please clear it – is the message to everyone.

It is important to note also that Aotuhia Station, 20 kms down the road at the Southern end by the “Bridge to Somewhere” impose a ‘closed season’ on the farm from August thru to October on account of lambing/calving etc – it is a difficult time for farmers in the rugged East Taranaki area and we support them fully in this.

WRAG wants to encourage everyone to enjoy the road and it has been a real success story, so please respect it for what it has to offer – and as a final reminder, be sure to take a shovel to clean out the odd blocked culvert etc and put a few bob in the money box.

As an aside, Tim and the team are also working with DOC & Tamahaki iwi, on the old Tahunaroa Road to create a cycleway/walkway to the Whanganui River which will open up all sorts of possibilities with the jetboat operators, kayakers, etc - some of our members, might be interested in a stroll through when it is completed.
The Whangamomona Road is closed to 4x4 use during the winter months from June 1 to September 30 by the road management committee. This is to stop unnessary damage to the track during the wet winter period.
Please observe this voluntary closure.  Driving this track in wet conditions is VERY dangerious due to the very steep terrain, slippery ground conditions (Papa rock) and the drop-offs at the road edge to the river below.
Extreme Caution is Required.

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