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YouTube Videos by Auckland 4WD Club members
Updated 6 July 2011

Club Member You Tube Videos

Alan Hejl


Whangmomonia and Aotuhia Station 2008/09                             Watch Video Here

A trip with friends from Auckland and New Plymouth (New Zealand).
This is the well known Whangmomona Track off highway 43 on the North Island of NZ. This track leads to Aotuhia Station (farm). The farm is private property and cannot be accessed without permission. The Whanga track is the original track into an area farmed by several family's after WW1 and is now been amalgamated into one farm with a new modern access road from the south. The track winds above the Whanga River with near vertical cliffs over 100 meters high and is made up of a Papa rock which is very slippery when wet and can make the track rather dangerous to drive with the steep drop offs into the river below. At the time we drove the track a large slip had come down about 3 quarters of the way through and forced us to turn around and leave the way we entered. This is slip is now cleared and is possible to drive all the way through to the public road leading to the Aotuhia Station.

Maratoto Loop 2009                                                                        Watch Video Here

A video of the Manakau 4x4 Club trip around this truck busting track which is at the end of the Maratoto Track also known as the Wires Track in the Kaimai Ranges.

Taupo Winch Challenge 2009

Part 1   Part 2

Rotorua Winch Challenge 2010

Part 1   Part 2

Northland Winch Challenge 2009 , Whangarei.

Northland Winch Challenge 2009      An overall view.

Northland Winch Challenge 1     Warren & Keri  driving a mud bog.

Northland Winch Challenge 2     Steve Reed nose diving into a mud hole.

Hawkes Bay Tuff Truck Challenge 2009.
A 24 hour endurance challenge organised by the Hawkes Bay 4WD Club and held in the Gwavas Forest, a half hours drive south west of Hastings. The target is to drive as many stagesin the 24 hour period with extra points awarded for good team work and increased by the amount of sweets the teams bribed the marshals with. This coverage is in 4 parts due to the 10 minute duration limits on YouTube at the time of uploading.

Gwavas part 1      Gwavas Part 2      Gwavas part 3      Gwavas Part 4     

Whakatane Tuff Truck Winch Challenge, 2007.

Whakatane Part 1       Whakatane Part 2 

Kiwi  Winch Challenge 2006, Rotorua. 

Sam Baddley drives the Rock garden      

Mike Hobbs, bounceing up the track      

Additional Clips;

Tay Forest Challenge  This clip is the coverage of the 2008 Tay Forest Challenge in Scotland which I filmed for the Australian 4WDTV show. 

Keep a lookout on www.youtube.com  for the latest uploads. Logon and search for kiwi4wd for my online clips.

Alan Tichfield

Maratoto Track    Auckland 4WD Club trip to plant the first of the 300 Kauri trees in 2009 in the Maratoto valley in the Kaimai Ranges, North Island.

Stadia Track        Auckland 4WD Club trip up the Stadia track in the Kaimai ranges, North Island.

Woohhill Forest 4WD Park

Woodhill playing with the mogals 

More mud fun at Woodhill

Driving the tracks at Woodhill

Driving more tracks at Woodhill

Additional Videos

Nathan Walker:   Manakau Full Throttle 2009 4WD course   

escort74elliott:    Manakau Full Throttle 2009 4WD course   
 Contact me to list your You Tube Videos here (Auckland 4WD Club members only) alanhejl@orcon.net.nz

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