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LED lighting interference
Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) works with logging industry to solve LED lighting interference. A potential problem for 4x4 night events?

RSM has identified serious cases of interference to radio communications at log hauler sites in Marlborough from the operation of vehicle mounted LED lighting.  The interference is so severe that in darkness hours radio systems have become inoperable.  Site management called RSM to look at the issue due to serious safety concerns.

A common solution was to separate the lights from the radio antennas as much as physically possible.

A recent audit of emergency lighting suppliers was undertaken by RSM and it was generally found that suppliers were not aware of the need to ensure their equipment met the necessary EMC specification AS/NZS CISPR15.

A further finding was that various other electronics fitted to the diggers and haulers caused radio interference.  In this case most instances of interference can be minimised by placing the radio antenna centrally on the cabin roof.

RSM urges users to ensure they pay attention to the separation of antennas from other electronics and only fit approved AS/NZS CISPR15 LED lights.

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