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Waiuku Forest, 27 November 2011
The latest club trip into the Waiuku Forest

Waiuku Forest Trip
Sunday 27 November 2011

Here we go again the second trip into the Waiuku Forest for the year.

The fist trip was back in June. On this the weather was great on the day but in the previous days we had plenty of rain which can change the nature of the trip. This makes the sand firm so these are rather easy and also makes the clay track a bit more fun with several vehicles needing a few goes to get up this very slick track.

This time around the weather and track conditions were very dry. The sand was very soft catching a few of us out. What looked like an easy sandy track ascending up a small hill need a bit more welly to get up without bogging down.
On the Saturday Kerry and myself went into the forest for a reccy of the southern block which we have never really used before. We drove around the forest following as many tracks as possible and on several occasions we ran into fences crossing old tracks, this required us to push through the Toetoe bush’s to find a way out or a gate. Unfortunately the many fences stopped us from making tracks in the undergrowth without having to return to the gravel roads and finding other options. We managed to find a few tracks which we were able to link up to give everybody a look around the forest with a few different types of track to start with in the morning.

Sunday came and we had 11 vehicles from standard Pajero’s to Jacks winch competition Nissan. The tracks for today were rather easy with one section in a clump of trees where we looped up a gentle climb up to a ridge line and a steep decent down again, where several vehicles had a go to climb again, once the top surface of Toetoe bushes and undergrowth had been cleared by the first few vehicles the sand was very soft and required a aggressive approach to climb up with a Toyota needing to winch himself up after getting stuck half way up.  For lunch we stopped at the lookout over the Waikato river mouth and then went onto visited the usual spots in the northern block where we usually have a play.
A great day out, great weather, new tracks to keep our visits to the forest interesting for our regular members. On our previous trips, members were outnumbered by visitors, it is good to see these visitors now members of the club and with another two visitors on this trip looking at joining up. And it was great to see the senior members helping out with the recoveries of new members and giving advice as necessary.

Kerry, a little crossed up and stuck on the Saturday reccy trip.

A map of our route (blue doted line) in the morning through in the southern block. Entered the track at the northern end and exited in the south western edge.
All Photos and Text Copy Right to Alan Hejl

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