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Third Party Insurance for Off-Highway Driving
Auckland 4WD Club has organised insurance, which is available to all NZFWDA 4x4 club members when they are driving off main roads.

It is a Third Party Insurance available for ALL members of NZFWDA 4WD Clubs throughout New Zealand.

Many standard insurance polices suddenly run out when you head off a main road and unless you have it specifically in writing from your insurer that you will be covered, then you may be taking more risk than you think. A moment's loss of control could cost a lot of money to address the damage to someone else's property.

A special feature of this cover is that it is not related to what you are driving. It is the driver who is insured, so you can change vehicles without changing the policy.
There is an expectation that the vehicle will be in a safe condition for its use and have adequate brakes and steering etc.
That "safe" level does not necessary mean to WOF standards or involve registration for road use.

It covers you for Third Party accidents while Off Highway. If you accidentally hit another member's vehicle on the trip it will cover you for the repairs to that vehicle. It also covers damage to others property in general.

For a yearly payment of $90 per person it covers the person and not the vehicle, so covers you if you happen to be driving any other vehicle at the time (with the owners permission!).

There is an excess of $400.00 that increases to $800.00 for females aged under 25, or anyone who has had their full drivers licence less than 2 years, and to $1000.00 for males aged under 25.
The policy provides cover when NOT on main roads.

The policy only applies to 4x4 club sanctioned activities and not just the Auckland 4WD Club, as long as it is a recognised 4x4 club that is involved in organising the activity.

The policy does not cover member-to-member situations (member means another member of the policy, not a club member).

There is no cover if the vehicle is used for racing, pacemaking, reliability trials, hill climbing, and speed tests or in testing in preparation for any of these. To clarify the role of this insurance cover around competitions; the policy does not cover drivers while actually competing on a course... but is effective otherwise on a competition site.

To enrol in the scheme, which is underwritten by NZI, you simply pay the Auckland 4WD Club and provide your name and address to the club. Your name is added to the policy schedule.

The cover runs from December to December and has no "pro-rata" system on the annual cost.

Available below as a download, is a description of the policy as of 1-8-08

To join the policy

Send your name, contact details, and the name of the NZFWDA club you are a member of, to: treasurer@auckland4wd.org.nz

Payment of $90 can be made to;

Auckland Four Wheel Drive Club Inc.

Please identify with the deposit what the payment is for and who is to be insured.

For more info

Peter Vahry
Mobile: 027 431 0923
Email: peter@auckland4wd.org.nz

Files to Download
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Third Party update 8-08.pdf
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