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Higham Rd decision by Auckland Council
Buildings to be removed

After considerable to-ing and fro-ing, Auckland Transport, as a part of Auckland Council, have made a decision on the accessibility to the Kaipara Harbour along Higham Rd.  They've effectively just followed the suggestions of Judge Smith in the Environment Court.

There may still be some local pressure to allow vehicles to the coast to launch and retrieve watercraft, as the Council argument that vehicles are banned for 'safety' reasons is questionable when the Higham's have a boat ramp some 2 metres from the road boundary at the waters edge.

"We have been resolving the public access issues with Mr and Mrs Higham.

In line with the Environment Court recommendations there will be no vehicular access to the beach past the grove of trees shown on the attached aerial photo. From the grove onwards there will be pedestrian and horse access only. This is to ensure public safety. We have required the removal of existing fencing which is impeding public access and the modification of some of the existing gates to enable public access . We have also required the installation of signage making it clear that Higham Road is a public road. All gates on the public road are to remain unlocked. Those retained are retained for public safety.

We have given further consideration to the comments made by the Environment Court when considering the road stopping application. As a result the Higham's have been required to relocate the shed and toilet from the unformed road."

The reference to 'the grove of trees'  was not qualified on the aerial photo, but Auckland Transport have advised that they are referring to a grove of pine trees about 100m from the beach.

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