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Woodhill Jeep Park Patrol
A few photos and short story of a club patrol in the Woodhill 4WD Park 3 March 2011

Club Patrol in Woodhill 4WD Park

The Jeep Woodhill 4WD Park is about a half hour drive north west of Auckland on the way to Helensville on state highway 16.

The 4WD clubs of Auckland are roistered on a rolling system each weekend to drive around the park on behalf of the park management and find any other visitor vehicles and recover them if stuck and also to make sure all the vehicles have left the park on closing.

Of course it is our duty to test (play in) all the park hazards to check they are safe for the public to use. Here are a few photos of members of the Auckland 4WD Club on one of these patrols in March 2011.

If there are any new members of the club interested in these trips in to Woodhill Forest they are a great introduction to 4WDing and having the company of experienced club members to keep a watch out for you and teaching you the basics. Most hazards generally have by passes but the best way to learn the capabilities of your vehicle to have a go at some intermediate hazards. The demand to get on these trips is high so booking early is essential. It is still possible to join these patrols if full, but you must pay the park entry fee as only four club vehicles are permitted into the park free as part of the patrol.

It is NOT necessary for all vehicles to have a winch. As long as two vehicles of the 4 have a winch for recoveries (one winch per patrol of 2 vehicles). You can help in the recoveries or just watch and learn.

The patrols members generally meet at the park headquarters around 10 to 10.30 in the morning have a chat, drop tire pressures etc. the four vehicles may break up into groups of two to patrol the park. Spending the day driving around trying out all the available tracks looking for any members of the public in need of help. We undertake any recoveries (mostly ourselves) or help to fix any problems that may arise. We then wait at the close of the park to see if everyone gets out safely and if not, go find the missing vehicles and help recover them and sometimes tow a broken vehicle out of the park. As a visitor who has paid the entry fee it is not necessary to stay behind and you may leave at any time.

If you want to join one of these patrols contact Steve Reid: 02102703322 or (09) 8367244 evenings oink@xtra.co.nz

For the roister dates and details and additional information CLICK HERE

Of course photos never do justice to the actual conditions. The hill climbs always look much flatter than they really are and any photos taken from the top of a hill looking down make the track look flat when in fact they can be rather steep as in a few cases in these following photos.

Click on the image for a larger picture.

Alan Hejl in his 4.2 ltr Turbo Diesel Safari making full use of twin diff locks to climb this very soft sand climb. And yes I did make it up.

Another hill climb in typical Woodhill sand conditions.

Dropping into to the track which leads up to the big mud holes at the top of the main hill to the south of the park. Yep I made it up OK with the help of a bit of welly and lockers and Simex tires and suspension lift and ..... you get the idea.

Matt Hawkin's and his Safari driving a rather muddy track putting the Simex Centipede tires to the test.

You have to love the large amounts of wheel articulation these big Nissan have avaliable. (I guess Toyota owners don't)

Photo 1

Byon's very impressive long wheel base Safari tray back taking on the big bogs and loosing.
Photo 1: diving in.
Photo 2: Help, I am a little stuck, ……just a little!
Photo 3: Winching forwards did not work, broke the cable.
Photo 4: Matt winching Byon backwards with his powerful PTO winch.
Photo 5: Climbing up the clay banks in the north of the park.

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Paul Hejl in his standard Toyota Surf with mud tyres.

Alan and Matt having a play in the mud.
All Photos kindly supplied by Colin Burke.  

© Copyright 2011

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